Jack Lombardi, congressional candidate in Illinois District 16, reacted today to President Biden’s “Neanderthal thinking” comment about state governors who are eliminating COVID mandates, allowing life to get back to normal for their citizens.

“Joe Biden has some nerve calling people names for doing what’s best for their constituents,” Lombardi said, “especially when it comes to Texas, where his administration dropped COVID-infected illegal immigrants off at a bus station. If he’s so concerned about the health of Texans, let him start by keeping people with COVID-19 from crossing the Texas border. You’d think that would be easy for a guy who’s never met a mandate he didn’t like.”

Lombardi has called for a total completion of the border wall begun by President Trump, an overall moratorium on immigration and a suspension of the H1-B visa program for foreign workers until such time as the security of American workers has been achieved.

“It’s time the political class stopped using COVID as a smokescreen and convenient scapegoat for their complete failure at delivering on security for American citizens,” Lombardi said. “Let’s set our citizens free and keep people who disrespect our immigration laws from adding to the burdens of people in border states and beyond.”