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Lombardi Calls For Cabinet to Invoke the 25th Amendment or

Congress to Impeach Biden

Biden Owns Afghanistan Disaster


Manhattan, IL/August 16, 2021 – Today, Jack Lombardi, Republican Candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District, called upon the Cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment or for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings as Joe Biden’s actions have clearly endangered the United States and it appears that he is no longer able to competently carry out his duties.  He pointed out that as other world leaders cancelled vacations and summoned emergency meetings to address the Afghan disaster Biden created, Biden returned to his vacation at Camp David further demonstrating a need to invoke the 25th amendment.  Lombardi said that the collapse of Afghanistan lies solely with Joe Biden.  Lombardi pointed out that Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan unilaterally by August 31st against the advice of the military and our NATO allies is what led to the collapse in Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban in power.  Even worse, rather than take responsibility for his disaster, he blamed Donald Trump; the Afghan leadership, and even the thousands of Afghans who helped the United States and whose lives he has put at risk.  Lombardi said he had supported Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan as that plan had safeguards to preserve American security and prevent the Taliban from returning to power.  The Biden plan was a total withdrawal with no clear plan that ensured a colossal disaster which is unfolding.  Now the Taliban are in power and both China and Russia will have a foothold in the region due to the Afghan collapse. Lombardi pointed out that European leaders allied with the United States have stated that Biden embarked in this total withdrawal with no guarantees to appease the far left of the Democratic Party.

Lombardi pointed out that the situation at the Afghanistan airport could quickly become a massacre or hostage situation as the Taliban tighten their control in Kabul.  He said also that Biden has created a humanitarian crisis and for him to be mentioning human rights, as the Taliban is going door to door killing people, taking girls as young as 12 to be married off to their soldiers, and setting women on fire who fail to wear head scarves was insulting.  He said that this is the fall of Saigon on steroids and noted that Biden in the United States Senate also contributed to the fall of South Vietnam.  Even worse, the way Biden withdrew from Afghanistan is an insult to the sacrifices that all American military made in Afghanistan.  Lombardi noted that the Taliban and al-Qaeda are still connected meaning that at some point we will again need to go back and combat them all over again due to Biden’s failure.

“Joe Biden has no problem in reversing Donald Trump’s border policy and opening up our Southwestern border, yet in protecting America’s vital interests in Afghanistan, he says he was handtied by Donald Trump’s policy,” said Jack Lombardi.  “Joe Biden has clearly violated his oath of office to defend the United States.  He is either unable or unwilling to perform his oath of office.  I call upon the Cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment and if they won’t for Congress to impeach him.  If he is still in office when I am elected to Congress, I will file impeachment articles.

“On the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 it will be the Taliban and al-Qaeda celebrating in Kabul,” concluded Lombardi.  “This is a disgrace and America is less safe today because of Joe Biden.”

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