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Lombardi Calls for Investigation into Soros Funding of District Attorneys

Soros Has Blood on His Hands


Manhattan, IL/December 16, 2021 – Today, Jack Lombardi, Republican Congressional candidate for Illinois’ Fourteenth Congressional District called for a federal investigation into George Soros for his bankrolling the election of far-left district attorneys committed to undermining law and order. Soros can do this because federal campaign-finance limitations do not apply to local races. Many states have adopted their own laws capping the amounts that individuals and/or political action committees can contribute to candidates, but those laws are often riddled with loopholes. In some cases, the limits only apply to statewide races. In other cases, Soros can circumvent individual contribution limits by funneling money through the PACs he has set up for this purpose, which generally go by the ironic name of “Safety and Justice.”

Soros does this because he recognizes that local prosecutors can exercise the same discretion to selectively enforce laws. Rather than spending tens of millions of dollars per state on numerous higher-profile races for state lawmakers, he can spend comparatively smaller amounts on district attorney races knowing that the outcome will determine how — and even whether — laws are enforced. It is all part of Soros’ push of progressive policies around the world through his Open Society Foundations. Among the candidates he has elected are Chicago’s Kim Foxx, Los Angeles’ George Gascon, San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin, and Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, all who have failed to prosecute criminals and downplay the rising murder rates in the name of social justice.

Lombardi says Soros has blood on his hands with the rise of violent crime across the nation through district attorneys enacting his progressive agenda. It is time for Congress to step in and investigate Soros and use whatever tools it needs to do his end his havoc on the criminal justice system and ensure the safety of citizens. Lombardi pledges to file for a full-blown investigation into Soros and his complicity in the rising crime rate once in Congress.

“Murder rates are soaring across the nation as a result of George Soros and his efforts to elect district attorneys who side with criminals rather than innocent citizens,” said Jack Lombardi. “Soros has blood on his hands. His efforts to undermine the criminal justice system that has led to thousands of deaths and rising crime must be investigated and stopped. I will do that once I am in Congress.


 Lombardi Background 

Lombardi’s story is that of an ordinary Chicagoan with exceptional zeal who broke the norm, building a better life with the resources he had at hand. Today, he is a successful businessman with vast experience in leading diverse teams to a common goal of success. 

A natural entrepreneur, Lombardi earned his first money at age 8 selling soda on a neighborhood street corner. He started his first business, Lombardi Trucking, by age 22 and has never looked back. Currently, Lombardi owns Chicago’s premiere digital marketing company and runs multiple internet companies.  

 Born and bred on Chicago’s southwest side, Lombardi went to nearby St. Laurence High School and later attended Northwestern Business College.  He is proud to be the husband of Sharon Lombardi and father of his son Jack III and daughter, Summer. 


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