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Lombardi: Garland Should Be Fired or Impeached for Going After Parents at School Board Meetings

Is The Latest Attempt by the Biden Administration to Criminalize Dissent

Manhattan, IL/October 14, 2021 – Today, Jack Lombardi, Republican Congressional candidate for Illinois’ 16th Congressional District called for Attorney General Merrick Garland to be fired or impeached over his attempt to police the free speech of citizens and concerned parents at school board meetings across the nation. The Department of Justice has no legal or constitutional right to interfere with the rights of parents to come before school boards and speak with educators about their concerns, whether regarding coronavirus-related measures, the teaching of critical race theory in schools, sexually explicit books in schools, or any other topic, Lombardi said. The implied threat of having the FBI clamp down on and even perhaps invoke the Patriot Act against parents is dangerous and cannot be allowed Lombardi stated. This is yet another attempt by the Biden Administration to criminalize dissent and monitor every aspect of American life, Lombardi noted. Lombardi noted that the Biden Administration appears to be pursuing a far-left agenda with the intent of destroying the family unit and stifling all dissent.

“Merrick Garland must be fired or impeached immediately,” said Jack Lombardi. “He wants to turn the FBI loose on parents who are upset about their children’s education while preventing law enforcement from tackling violent crime. There is no place in America for what Garland is attempting to do and he must be removed from office at once.

“First they had the IRS come for us with our bank accounts, and now it’s the FBI after parents,” concluded Lombardi. “If we do not stop this now, it will be too late, and the Biden Administration will have effectively stifled all political dissent. This is what Adam Kinzinger should be investigating rather than going along with the sham January 6th witch hunt.”

Lombardi Background

Lombardi’s story is that of an ordinary Chicagoan with exceptional zeal who broke the norm, building a better life with the resources he had at hand. Today, he is a successful businessman with vast experience in leading diverse teams to a common goal of success.

A natural entrepreneur, Lombardi earned his first money at age 8 selling soda on a neighborhood street corner. He started his first business, Lombardi Trucking, by age 22 and has never looked back. Currently, Lombardi owns Chicago’s premiere digital marketing company and runs multiple internet companies.

Born and bred on Chicago’s southwest side, Lombardi went to nearby St. Laurence High School and later attended Northwestern Business College. He is proud to be the husband of Sharon Lombardi and father of his son Jack III and daughter, Summer.

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