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Lombardi Condemns Biden For Collapse of Afghanistan

Biden’s Policies Has Led To Taliban In Power for the Twentieth Anniversary of 9/11


Manhattan, IL/August 16, 2021 –Today, Jack Lombardi, Republican Candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District, condemned Joe Biden for the disastrous withdrawal policy that has led to the collapse of Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban to power.  Lombardi noted that Biden began a massive withdrawal with no guarantees from the Taliban and no hope for stability in the nation.  Biden’s policy not only led to the collapse of the Afghan government but also allowed for American military equipment to fall into the Taliban’s hand and is now paving the way for the return of Al-Qaeda.  Lombardi noted that the Taliban will be back in power in Kabul on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 which they assisted in.  Even more ominous, Lombardi noted that China has announced that they will recognize the Taliban, giving China a major foothold in the region, further eroding America’s influence internationally.  Lombardi said while he had supported President Donald J. Trump’s negotiations with the Taliban, those negotiations ensured that Afghanistan would not again be overrun by the Taliban and become a haven for Al-Qaeda unlike the Biden plan.  Joe Biden’s political career has come full circle Lombardi noted, as Biden pushed in the Senate for policies that led to the collapse of our South Vietnamese allies and now has presided over the collapse of our Afghan allies.  This the modern-day equivalent of the fall of Saigon.

“Joe Biden has failed totally and endangered the United States,” said Jack Lombardi.  “Joe Biden has failed in Afghanistan, he has failed at the border, he has failed to combat crime.  He has failed totally as leader.  He is more concerned with wokeness and pronouns as the world collapses around him.

The Taliban are laughing at this Administration,” concluded Lombardi.  “They will use this defeat to embarrass the United States.  The Taliban are still a danger to the United States and will again allow Afghanistan to be a training ground for Al-Qaeda.  On the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, the Taliban will be celebrating in Kabul no doubt destroying our embassy all because of Joe Biden’s failure of leadership.”

Lombardi Background

Born and bred on Chicago’s southwest side, Lombardi went to nearby St. Laurence High School and later attended Northwestern Business College.  He is proud to be the husband of Sharon Lombardi and father of his son Jack III and daughter, Summer.

A natural entrepreneur, Lombardi earned his first money at age 8 selling soda on a neighborhood street corner. He started his first business, Lombardi Trucking, by age 22 and has never looked back. Currently, Lombardi owns Chicago’s premiere digital marketing company and runs multiple internet companies.

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