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Lombardi Calls On Ilhan Omar To Step Down or Be Removed From the House Foreign Affairs Committee For Comparing America To Hamas and The Taliban

Says This Type of Anti-America Sentiment Does Not Belong In Congress


Manhattan, IL/June 15, 2021 – Today, Jack Lombardi, Republican Congressional candidate for Illinois’ 16th Congressional District called upon Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to step down from her seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee following her remarks comparing the United States and Israel to the terrorist organization, Hamas and the Taliban. Omar tweeted, “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US”. She also claimed the United States has committed crimes against humanity. Lombardi said if she does not step aside, the House of Representatives should vote to strip her of her committee assignments, He said her rhetoric and anti-American sentiment does not belong in Congress. He said it was especially despicable as it comes as we are approaching the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, a terroristic attack aided and abetted by the Taliban. Lombardi could not believe that Congressman Adam Kinzinger has remained silent about Omar’s remarks especially as he is a veteran, and Omar was claiming our military had committed atrocities and crimes against humanity.
“Anyone who believes that the United States and Israel are comparable to the Taliban and Hamas and have committed crimes against humanity does not belong in the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” said Jack Lombardi. “Ilhan Omar should step down from the Committee and if she doesn’t the House should vote to remove her. Allowing her on this Committee is an insult to our allies, as she cannot properly discharge her duties.
“I am shocked that Adam Kinzinger, a veteran is remaining silent on this issue,” concluded Lombardi. “Maybe Kinzinger is staying quiet because he is afraid it will hurt his chances of being on CNN or MSNBC. The Sixteenth District needs a representative who will represent the district and its values against Ilhan Omar, and others.”
Lombardi Background:
Lombardi’s story is that of an ordinary Chicagoan with exceptional zeal who broke the norm, building a better life with the resources he had at hand. Today, he is a successful businessman with vast experience in leading diverse teams to a common goal of success.
A natural entrepreneur, Lombardi earned his first money at age 8 selling soda on a neighborhood street corner. He started his first business, Lombardi Trucking, by age 22 and has never looked back. Currently, Lombardi owns Chicago’s premiere digital marketing company and runs multiple internet companies.
Born and bred on Chicago’s southwest side, Lombardi went to nearby St. Laurence High School and later attended Northwestern Business College.
He is proud to be the husband of Sharon Lombardi and father of his son Jack III and daughter, Summer.

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